Tacoma Vibe

Hey, hi, hello! How'ya doin' how ya been?

My name is Ren Costantini, the owner of the Tacoma Vibe brand and the truck. I never expected to create a social media following based on building my dream truck for overlanding and daily use, but here we are!

I'm an outdoorsy mat rat with an addiction to brazilian jiu jitsu, camping and any physical activity. I love being outdoors hiking or offroading my Tacoma while reconnecting with nature. Over the years, I've become passionate about photography and creating content specifically around Toyota Tacoma's, overlanding, camping, and the great outdoors. I'm grateful to this community and the friends I've gained along the way. Onward and upward!

Ren Costantini

Believe it or not, this whole "influencer" thing is something I do in my spare time. I had no intention of starting a Instagram page to amass a following.

I started the build page because I come from a family of Toyota LOVERS. Building my own personal Toyota Tacoma has been a dream of mine since I was 11 so I figured why not document the process for fun!

Somewhere along the lines I realized this was another opportunity to showcase my experience in digital marketing outside of just SEO and begin learning how to CREATE content. This meant learning photography and videography, two skillset's I'm eager to continue refining.

Somehow everything kind of worked itself out.

I have a love for digital marketing and have been in the industry working on high tier SaaS and eCommerce accounts for 6+ years. I offer affordable digital marketing services via my LLC, Vade Mecum Marketing. For influencer marketing packages or collaborations, visit the work with me page and drop me a note. 🤘🏼