How To Install a Prinsu Roof Rack on a 3rd Gen Tacoma

How To Install a Prinsu Roof Rack on a 3rd Gen Tacoma - Tacomavibes

Roof racks are not only aesthetically pleasing, but offer a lot of functionality and unique features to enhance your overlanding experience. Now, not everyone is going to need a roof rack but personally I’ve found my Prinsu roof rack for my Tacoma to be incredibly useful. For camping or overlanding expeditions I will mount storage containers, my DMOS shovel, maxx tracks and far mar for ease of storage. Somehow it actually makes the truck look cooler while saving valuable bed space for coolers, camping chairs, camping gear and far more.

The Prinsu roof rack for the Tacoma is a valuable space saver with the opportunity to add light bars and more to further enhance your truck's capabilities. One thing to note is that there is some drag associated with this part. As someone with a sunroof, it’s quite noticeable from a sound perspective.

Overall, the Tacoma Prinsu roof rack was a welcomed addition to the Tacoma Vibe build and while I never anticipated adding this to the setup - I’m glad it made its way onto the truck. With all the prior said, let’s get into how to install the Prinsu roof rack on a 3rd Gen Toyota Tacoma.

Tacoma Prinsu Roof Rack Installation [Step by Step]

Personally, I'm a "monkey see, monkey do" type of guy so I conveniently put together this YouTube video outlining how I installed the Prinsu roof rack for my Tacoma. The process was incredibly smooth and hopefully the video does it justice! (P.S. if you like the video please like, comment and subscribe!)

 For reference, here is the Tacoma Prinsu Roof Rack Install PDF from Prinsu

Step 1: Remove the rubber trim on the roof of the Tacoma. They come out pretty easily - they’re a pressed fit. Once removed be sure to hold onto these because we’re going to be doing some minor trimming to these to ensure a really clean look and finish once the Prinsu roof racks are on.

Step 2: Find the little covers or doubled sided tape that covers the holes into the cab of the Tacoma. There’s going to be 5 in total with  2 in the front, 1 in middle, and 2 more in the rear. Get those uncovered and clear because you’re going to be threading a bolt through to fasten the Prinsu roof rack to the Tacoma.

Step 3: Tacoma Prinsu Roof Rack Assembly:

Note: Make sure all hardware came in the packaging

  • Grab the single silver crossbar and grab the wind deflector. Grab wind deflector hardware. Small pieces slide into the silver which is where the Philips screws go in - use washers and lock washers. Line up the wind deflector and only hand tighten. Make sure it’s centered and then tighten away. 
  • Once the wind deflector is together, add in the wind noise trim. Start at one end and slide on evenly working your way across and cutting it off at the other end. 
  • Set the wind deflector to the side and assemble the racks. Grab the M6 with T30 Torx bit head. Use the lock washer with the washer and put these together then put the bars onto the side rails. Don’t put all of them in place because some may cover where bolts are going down. Basically you want to assemble the frame off the Prinsu roof rack to then transport it to the top of the Tacoma.

Step 4: Prepare the hardware for bolting the Prinsu roof rack to the top of the Tacoma. Be sure to grab the spacers, the bolts with a lock washer, and a large washer. 

Step 5: NOW back to the trim pieces that we removed from the roof of the Tacoma. The trim won’t fit in with the new Prinsu roof rack so we will need to fabricate them to fit and keep a nice look. Cut the trim where the bolts go in - the best way to do this is by lining it up and marking with a white marker. Then drill a hole where the bolts will be going into the roof. It’s more time consuming, but looks great. 

  • Mark where you think sections will be by putting the trim back in and folding it back to see where bolts are.
  • In order to drill the trim, you poke a small hole where the bolt will go through.
  • Note: the trim has a metal wire midway through the trim. 3 1/4 drill bit for drilling and then section from there. 

Step 6: Once the trim is all set, use silicon in the hole and set the space over the top of it. This is to keep water out. Then set the trim in place. Put all the spacers on top and line it up. 

Step 7: Place the Prinsu roof rack on the Tacoma and put the hardware in place to bolt down the rack once it’s properly aligned. Be sure to add in cross members before fully bolting down the roof rack. 

Step 8: Ensure everything is properly fastened and there’s no leftover hardware.

Tacoma Prinsu Roof Rack Installation: Closing Thoughts


That's it! Pretty straight forward and easy to complete but I do recommend two people for lifting purposes. The Prinsu roof rack for the Tacoma is fairly light, but having a partner to help hoist it onto the roof and line it up is ideal when attempting to avoid scratches or potential drops. 

As I said before, I never intended to incorporate a Prinsu roof rack on my Tacoma but I was lucky enough to win the Prinsu and CBI 100k giveaway. Having this modification has been a welcomed addition and has made my camping and overland adventures that much more convienant!

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